Engineered stones are beautiful, durable and eco friendly options made of a compound of crushed stones mostly quartz and marble, bound together by a resin to create a unique mix.  The resulting material can vary depending on the colors of the original stones, and it is mostly used on kitchen countertops, floors, and walls to list a few. These stones have gained a lot of popularity in commercial applications such as malls, department stores, which are using it to give a sophisticated, clean and attractive look of marble floors in their establishments.


At Stone Surfaces Inc. we offer a large variety of colors ranging from light, to medium, to dark, all to achieve a chic, refined, or elegant look, depending on our clients’ unique needs, design concepts and project specifications. Other engineered stones may contain mixtures such as glass, shells, metals or even mirrors to create a one of a kind look. Most of these stones are highly durable, scratch resistant, and also resistant to mold and mildew. They can be used in various applications, but they are mostly for indoor use.

For over two decades Stone Surfaces Inc. has been improving homes and businesses throughout Florida and the Caribbean. We are a one-stop-shop providing comprehensive solutions and services including fabrication and installation of quality marble and granite stones.


Equipped with a modern workshop with state of the art tools, machinery, highly trained personnel and up-to-date manufacturing techniques, we have completed a diversity of projects ranging from private residencies, to hotels, restaurants, banks, stores, the hospitality industry and numerous commercial accounts.

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