Porcelain tiles have become a very popular choice!  As a result of their long-lasting and aesthetic properties, these tiles are now found in both indoor and outdoor applications in a variety of areas within residential and commercial properties. They are available in a wide array of colors, textures, shapes and sizes, making it possible to integrate with virtually any design concept or d├ęcor.  In addition, porcelain tiles are tougher, more scratch resistant, more durable, and generally more resistant to stains.


Whether you are looking for earthy tones for a bath or kitchen area, a charcoal tone for a smoky effect that will complement an urban look in a living room, an elegant gray for a beautiful backdrop, or a brown tone to deliver a rustic feel outside a patio area, at Stone Surfaces we have endless options to help you achieve your desired outcome.

For over two decades Stone Surfaces Inc. has been improving homes and businesses throughout Florida and the Caribbean. We are a one-stop-shop providing comprehensive solutions and services including fabrication and installation of quality marble and granite stones.


Equipped with a modern workshop with state of the art tools, machinery, highly trained personnel and up-to-date manufacturing techniques, we have completed a diversity of projects ranging from private residencies, to hotels, restaurants, banks, stores, the hospitality industry and numerous commercial accounts.

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